All You Need To Know About Child Development

All You Need To Know About Child Development

Have you recently heard terms like development delay, speech delay, hyperactive, autism, or ADHD and are confused regarding same. have your child’s doctor or school teacher raise concern regarding your child’s development and asked you to get your child’s development assessment done by development pediatrician. In this blog, I will try to answer the common question regarding Child Development in detail. We at Tender kids provide the assessment and treatment regarding the above-mentioned symptoms. If you find any of the symptoms reach a developmental pediatrician near you.


What is Child Development?


Child Development

There is rapid physical and mental growth in a child in the first 5 years of life. There are various activities a child learns to do as he grows. It is very essential to monitor it, as any problem during this period can have a lifelong impact on a child’s life. By and large, we monitor development milestones across these 5 domains; “social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language.”


Why Child Development is Important To Monitor And Timely Act?

A recent survey conducted showed that lesser than 30% of cases of developmental issues in a child are reported before entering school. The child’s brain grows at a rapid rate and almost 90% of growth happens by 5 years of age. A growing brain has a tremendous capacity for learning and adapting. So any delays or deviance in the development of a child can be brought to normalcy with the right intervention support. Or in severe conditions, intervention helps to decrease its adverse impact long-term on child life.


How Can You Monitor Child Development At Home?

All immunization record file given by your pediatrician has a development chart. It has a list of crucial milestones expected as per age. Charts are simple and easy to understand. You can yourself check if your child can activities expected as per age. If you have a query or have difficulty understanding you can always check with your pediatrician during your immunization visit. If you are looking for a pediatrician developmental in Navi Mumbai visit our center.


Who is a Developmental Pediatrician?

They are Specialist doctors for children experiencing developmental issues and with special needs. A developmental pediatrician should be able to look at your child’s development overall, provide a diagnosis, and recommend a specific treatment plan. Tender kids have the best developmental pediatrician in Navi Mumbai with an experienced and qualified team of Doctors and therapists


How is Development Assessment Conducted?

A developmental pediatrician will spend at least an hour or two with you and your child. He or she is likely to spend a fair amount of that time interviewing you about your child’s birth and developmental history, habits, abilities, and challenges. In addition, he or she will conduct a thorough evaluation of your child, checking height, weight, coordination, responsiveness, etc. doctor will facilitate assessment by giving toys and play activities to your child. He or she will observe how your child moves, interacts, speaks, plays, and so forth. Simultaneously he will chart his milestones across Developmental domains. At end of the assessment, the doctor will explain the results. Unlike your other doctor visit, It is the necessary child should not to be sick or ill and should be well feed and have adequate sleep before the visit.


What is the Benefit of Development Assessment?

It helps you better understand child development and help to identify any delays. A doctor can help you in determining the cause of developmental delay and will draw an intervention plan for your child.


Will My Child Be Put on Some Medication or Suggested Some Blood Test?

In most cases, development concern and its cause can be easily concluded by interviewing and examining the child. Any form of blood or other test is suggested if history or examination points towards the underlying medical or neurological condition. Medication is suggested in a few conditions to lessen symptoms and facilitate better outcomes from intervention therapies.


Can I Show My Child For Child Development Even If He is Normally Developing?

Yes, Development assessment consists of simple play-based activity and doesn’t involve any painful procedure. Post assessment, you can understand your child’s strengths and interests. A doctor can give you valuable information regarding child development and suggest home activities to support your child for a better outcome.

Tender Kids –  Child Developmental Clinic in Navi Mumbai provides all facilities required for diagnosis and treatment of all conditions related to child development under one roof.

Let me know your queries about child development in the comment box, which I can address in my subsequent blog.

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