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Intellectual Disability (ID) is a term used when a child has several weaknesses in cognitive functioning and skills, including Self-care, Social, and Communication skills. These weaknesses or we can say limitations can cause a child to develop and learn more or differently than a typically developing child. Consulting the best Intellectual disability doctor in Mumbai is one of the best options for early detection and comprehensive Intellectual disability treatment in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai.

intellectual-disability-treatment-in-mumbaiChildren with Intellectual disabilities might have a difficult time letting others know their actual wants and needs and taking care of themselves. also, it could take a long time for Children with Intellectual Disability to learn, walk, speak, dress, or eat without help, They might also face trouble learning in school.

There are 1% of the overall population that affects with Intellectual Disability, and those of about has 85% Mild Intellectual Disability. If we see gender-wise then males are more likely than females to be diagnosed with intellectual disability.

What are the causes of Intellectual Disability?

Sometimes it can be caused by disease, injury, or any type of problem in the brain. But mostly the cause of their Intellectual Disability is not recognized. Some of the most common and known causes of Intellectual Disability-

  • fetal alcohol syndrome
  • fragile X syndrome
  • Down syndrome
  • birth defects
  • infections
  • genetic conditions

Some of these appear when a baby is being born or soon after birth. Still, other causes of Intellectual Disability do not occur until the child gets older.

What are the symptoms of Intellectual Disability?

The more critical level of the Intellectual Disability, the earlier symptoms or signs can be noticed. But it might be hard to tell how newborn children will be affected later in life. There are several different symptoms and signs of Intellectual Disability that can exist in children and alter depending upon particular characteristics. These symptoms and signs may first become visible in childhood or in some other cases it might not notice until the child reaches school age.

Some of the most common symptoms can include:

  • Sitting up, Rolling over, Crawling, or Walking much later than developmentally appropriate.
  • Lower than average scores on IQ tests.
  • Difficulty with problem-solving or logical thinking.
  • Trouble learning in school.
  • Difficulty in communication.
  • Problems in remembering things.
  • Difficulties in talking.
  • Inability to connect actions with consequences.
  • Learning and developing more slowly than other children of the same age.
  • Inability to do everyday tasks like using the restroom without help or getting dressed.

What is the diagnosis for Intellectual Disability?

The Diagnosis of Intellectual Disability is recognized by the problems in both intellectual and adaptive functioning, Which your Intellectual disability doctor in Mumbai will tell you at the time of Diagnosis, to give you comprehensive Intellectual disability treatment in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai. Intellectual functioning is measured with separately administered and comprehensive, psychometrically valid, culturally appropriate, psychometrically sound tests of intelligence. Now the particular full-scale IQ test score is no longer needed for Intellectual disability treatment in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai Because standardized testing is used as a part of diagnosing the condition.

The full-scale IQ score of around 70 to 75 shows a notable limitation or we can say weaknesses in intellectual functioning. However, The IQ score must be rendered in the context of the person’s difficulties in common mental abilities. The score on subtests can diversify considerably so that the full-scale IQ score may not correctly reflect overall intellectual functioning. and therefore, clinical judgment is needed in understanding the results of IQ tests.

Three areas of adaptive functioning are considered in Intellectual Disability-

  • Conceptual – Reading, Writing, Language, Math, Reasoning, Memory, Knowledge.
  • Social – communication skills, empathy, social judgment, the ability to follow rules, and the ability to make and keep friendships.
  • Practical – Freedom in the things such as managing money, personal care, job responsibilities, recreation, and organizing school and work tasks.

Intellectual Disability Treatment in Mumbai at Tenderkids

An Intellectual disability is a life-long condition, that way you need a good Intellectual disability doctor in Mumbai for the best Intellectual disability treatment in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai. Early intervention may improve functioning and allow the person to grow throughout their lifetime. The generic or medical conditions and some co-occurring conditions usually add to the complex lives of people with intellectual disabilities. Intellectual disability treatment in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai differs hugely on children. Our Intellectual disability doctor in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai will tell based on the tests.

Once the diagnosis is made, It will help the individuals for Intellectual disability treatment in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai to focus on the individual’s strengths and needs and supports he/she needs to function well at school or work, at home, and in the neighborhood.

Many different types of supports and services can help-

  • Special education
  • Early intervention
  • Vocational programs
  • Case management
  • Day programs for adults
  • Housing and residential options
  • Transition services from childhood to adulthood
  • Family support (for example- stay care support groups for families)

We at Tender Kids provide the best Intellectual disability treatment in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai. Consult our best Intellectual disability doctor in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai now!

Some Tips for parents by our Intellectual disability doctor in Mumbai

  • Be patient, while the learning may come slower for your child.
  • Join with other parents of children with weaknesses.
  • Ask for help, learn more about your child’s disability.
  • Educate yourself on the educational services that your child deserves.
  • Encourage independence and responsibility
  • Learn about the laws that are written to help your child live their best life
  • Look for opportunities in your neighborhood for social, recreational, and fun-sports activities (such as Special Olympics, and best buddies.)

Visit our child development center in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai. to get comprehensive Intellectual disability treatment in Mumbai with utmost care!


What are the challenges of intellectual disability?

A child with intellectual disabilities may have trouble understanding social rules, memory deficits, problem-solving difficulties, and delays in adaptive actions (such as self-help or self-care skills). They may also be deficient in social inhibitors. Consult our finest Intellectual disability doctor in Mumbai for complete Intellectual disability treatment in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai.

What are the intervention of intellectual disability?

  • Follow a Strengths-Based Perspective.
  • Maximize Self-Sufficiency
  • Recognize Individual Variability
  • Form Collaborative Teams
  • Use Family-Centered and Culturally Appropriate Practices
  • Foster a Community Environment of Respect and Inclusion

What are the characteristics of a child with intellectual disabilities?

  • Find it hard to remember things
  • Have trouble understanding social rules
  • Learn to talk later, or have trouble speaking
  • Crawl, sit up, or walk later than other children
  • Have trouble solving problems
  • Have trouble seeing the results of their actions

What IQ is mild intellectual disability?

A child with a mild intellectual disability (MID; IQ range 50–69) or borderline intellectual functioning (BIF; IQ range 70–85) is sensitive to issues in a variety of categories. But its common observation that IQ range are true reflection of child’s ability.

Is ADHD an intellectual disability?

ADHD is a developmental disability, like autism, cerebral palsy, hearing loss, intellectual disabilities, cognitive difficulties, visual impairment, and others.

Other Services



Autism or autism spectrum disorder is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder in children, which is get diagnosed by the first 3-4 years of the child’s life. We at Tender Kids provide the Best Autism Treatment in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai. Children who have autism symptoms may find difficulties in understanding simple commands or daily communication which are used in day-to-day life.

  • Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
  • Autistic Disorder
  • Rett Syndrome

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is Treatment for delay in speech, language, communication, articulation, and fluency disorders. It will perform by the speech-language pathologist(SLPs). We also know them as speech therapists or speech specialists. We at Tender Kids Provide the Best Speech Therapy in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai.

  • Fluency
  • Social Language
  • Stuttering

Learning Disability

Learning Disability or Learning Disorders are a neurological disease that affects the ability of the human brain to receive, send, and process information. A kid with learning disabilities may face difficulties in speaking, listening, reading, writing, mathematical concepts, and general comprehension. We at TenderKids, provide the Best Learning Disability Treatment in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai.

  • Difficulty in learning numbers, colors, alphabet, shapes.
  • Problems in pronouncing words.
  • Trouble finding the right word.


ADHD is the most common type of neurodevelopmental disorder in children. This disorder is usually diagnosed in childhood and usually stays into adulthood. Children with ADHD mainly face difficulty in controlling impulsive behaviors, paying attention, and being overly active. We at Tender kids provide Best ADHD Treatment in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai.

  • Increase communication skills.
  • Improve focus, attention, social skills and memory
  • Effective ADHD Treatment options

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a treatment for mobility and coordination issues. It aids in the development of motor skills required for everyday tasks like writing and dressing. Fine and gross motor skills, as well as motor planning, are among these abilities. We at Tender Kids(CDC) provide complete Occupational Therapy in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai.

  • Improves gross motor skills
  • Increases overall strength and stability
  • Increases independence in activities of daily living